Products from Rocks

The chemical elements consist of atoms, which we represent by symbols. We can arrange the chemical elements in the periodic table. The substances in a mixture are not joined together chemically, so we can separate them again. We can represent chemicals using chemical formulae and summarises what happens in a chemical reaction using a word equation. The mass of the product formed in a reaction has the same mass as the reactants they were formed from. When we burn fossil fuels we may produce new substances that can affect the environment. We can place the metals in a reactivity series. Metals higher up the series can displace metals lower down the series. 

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Atoms, Elements and Compounds

All elements are made up of atoms. When two or more atoms join together a molecule is formed. Elements contain only one type of atom. The atoms in elements and compounds are held together by giving, taking or sharing electrons, to form compounds. We say that they are held tightly together by a chemical bond.

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