Production in Textiles

The many different types of production in textiles, their different names and examples.

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Job Production

  • Also known as the 'make through' system
  • Products are made by an individual or small team
  • Highly skilled machinists and crafts people make the product
  • An example of this is Haute Couture (v. expensive) e.g. the royal weddings dress (Kate's dress)
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Mass Production

Large numbers of products made exactly the same with little or no variations to the style/shape/production

  • Often production runs for 24 hours
  • Products are simple and cheap

Synchronized Production

  • Work is passed along a straight production line
  • The machinists are responsible for only one task

Repetitive flow system

  • This uses sub assemblies which focus on one are of production
  • e.g. a baseball cap with the NY symbol

Continual flow

  • 24/7 production e.g Dishcloths
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Batch Production

  • Seasonal prducts e.g. bikinis
  • A certain number of products are made
  • Cheaper than job production
  • Fashion industry uses this type as producs are seasonal
  • A small team is responsible for a batch/cell production
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  • Sub assemblies (e.g. embroideries done in another factory), materials and components are delivered just-in-time for production.
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