Product Design (Product life cycle)

Overview of Product life cycle. (PPP)


Product Life Cycle Stages

4 stages in the life cycle:

- Introduction

- Growth

- Maturity

- Decline

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- When it is released onto the market

- Initial sales will be slow

- Consumers unsure about it’s benefits

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- As advertising takes effect sales rise

- Consumers become more confident about benefits

- Competitors introduce their brands

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Maturity –

- Sales level off

- Market becomes saturated

- Competitors produce different / improved models

- Major companies monitor the market & have new designs ready to keep their market share

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- New technology makes products obsolete

- Consumer Pull contributes to the new generation

- Marketing makes the old product obsolete

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Planned Obsolescence

Planned Obsolescence

Some products have a limited life

Is this due to technological advancements?


Built in obsolescence?

Some disposable products have planned obsolescence for safety reasons

Some products would last longer with better materials

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Influence of Fashion

The Influence of Fashion

- Consumer fashions & trends, consumer demand for the latest technology

- Agencies are employed to predict trends

- Fashion is influenced by changes in society

- Manufacturers have to keep up with these forces

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Technology Push & Market Pull

'Technology push' means technology has been developed and the 'need' must be created.

- 'Market pull' means business has a need for a product and technology develops to fill that need.

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