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Die Cutting

In industry a company may need to manufacture thousands of the same net / package, every day. A STIKA machine or any similar machine will not be able to manufacture such large quantities. When large numbers have to be manufactured a DIE CUTTER is normally used as part of a production line.

1. The design is completed using a computer system and CAD software. The designer is careful to ensure the shape is accurate and that fold lines are in the correct place.                              

2. In a printers workshop, the blank pieces of card (perhaps rectangular in shape) are prepared and colour is added, as well as the printing. This may be achieved through the use of sprays, layers of coloured paper or automated screen printing

3. Back in the factory a die cutter is set up. This is made up of several hardened steel blades. The layout of the blades match the exact size as the net. A die cutter is basically a steel stamp that is used to cut and shape the net. It is designed to cut through the card on some lines whilst slightly cutting others (these are the fold lines or crease lines).

The steel die cutter is made up of specially hardened steel cutters. Each is like a blade, with a serrated edge. Sometimes the blades can be rearranged to form other shapes of net.

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