Processes of Erosion, Transportation and Deposition


Processes of Erosion


Attrition - collision of rock fragments against one another. rocks are broken into smaller pieces and become smoother as process continues.

Hydraulic Action - form of mechanical weathering causes by the force of water.

Corrasion- grinding of rock fragments carried by a river against the bed and banks of a river. this causes the river to widen and deepen. 

Solution - process by which river water chemically reacts with soluble minerals in rocks and dissolves them.

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Processes of Transportation and Depositio


Traction - rolling of large rocks alone the river bed. requires a lot of energy.

Saltation - bouncing of medium sized load ( small pebbles, stones ) alone the river bed.

Suspension - smallest load ( sand and clay ) is held up continually within the river water.

Solution - soluble minerals dissolve in the water and are carried.

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Processes of deposition

Deposition likely if...

  • river enters a lake or the sea, slowing its flow.
  • area of shallow water, slowing the river flow.
  • the river floods onto its flood plain, where it flows slowly.
  • load is increased suddenly eg after a landslide.
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