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independant probability

independant probability

 two events are independant if they dont effecteach other at all, like if a die lands on a two, it doesnt affect me drawing a 3 of hearts from deck of cards.

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relative probability

relative probability

relative probablity is the likelyhood of of an event happening, like dropped toast landing butter side down.

to get how many times it lands sunny side up, we work it out like this

realtive frequency=number of times landed "butter up"

                                   number of times dropped

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probability time line

probability timelines

 the probability timeline is the scale of how likely it is to happeneing

it looks like this

0             .25             .5            .75         1

nope       maybe      even       likely      done job

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a number is taken from a group, from one to ten

calculate the likelyhood that it is:

multiple of four

greater then 4 but less than 8

divisable by 2

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multiple of four=0.2 or 2/10

   because of there is only 4 and 8, 2 out of ten

greater than 4 and less than 8=0.3 or 3/10

    because its only 5,6 and 7 as it doesnt include 4 and 8

divisable by 2=0.5 or 5/10

    because it is just asking for multiples of 2, because they will be divisable by 2 EQUALLY.

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