Pro war vs Anti war

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Pro war vs Anti war

Pro war  Anti War  Neutral

  • Men Who March Away-Thomas Hardy
  • In Time Of 'The Breaking Of Nations'-Thomas Hardy
  • The Soldier-Rupert Brooke
  • The Volunteer-Herbert Asquith
  • In Flanders Fields-John McCrae
  • The Death Of  A Soldier-Wallace Stevens
  • On Being Asked For A War Poem-W.B. Yeats
  • An Irish Airman Foresees His Death-W.B. Yeats
  • The Rear Guard-Siegfried Sassoon
  • The Hero-Siegfried Sassoon
  • Glory Of Women-Siegfried Sassoon
  • They-Siegfried Sassoon
  • To His Love-Ivor Gurney
  • The Silent One -Ivor Gurney
  • Anthem For Doomed Youth-Wilfred Owen
  • Dulce Et Decorum Est-Wilfred Owen
  • Exposure-Wilfred Owen
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Pro war vs Anti war 2

  • Futility-Wilfred Owen
  • Strange Meeting-Wifred Owen
  • Sergeant Major Money-Robert Graves
  • Recalling War-Robert Graves
  • Two Voices-Edmund Blunden
  • The Zonnebeke Road-Edmund Blunden
  • For The Fallen-Laurence Binyon
  • Elegy In A Country Churchyard-G.K. Chesterton???
  • Epitaphs Of War-Rudyard Kipling???
  • Subalterns-Elizabeth Daryush
  • Rouen-May Wedderburn Cannan
  • The Great War-Vernon Scannell
  • Six Young Men-Ted Hughes
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