RS - Medicine - Pro-life and Pro-choice

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RS - Medicine - Pro-life and Pro-choice

  • Pro-choice
  • Woman has the right to do what she wants with her body
  • Baby has the right to be born into a family that can meets its basic needs for food, shelter and love
  • Disabled babies place huge burden on people
  • Too many unwanted babies in the world
  • Other family members have rights
  • Pro-life
  • Every child is a gift from God that shouldn’t be destroyed
  • Abortion is murder
  • Everyone is vulnerable
  • A foetus is a human being from moment of conception
  • Many couples are waiting to adopt a child
  • Baby could be placed in foster care
  • Humans made in God’s image
  • God knows everyone from the moment of conception
  • God has chosen a person’s life work before they are even born





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