Principles of Training

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Progressive Overload

- Overloading and adapting, overloading and adapting and so on.

- Achieved by increasing intensity, frequency and time.

- Progress gradually

- Appropriate exercise at the beginning.

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* Wanting to improve for a particular sport means you will need appropriate training

* The exercise must match the physical demands of the sport

* Analyse the relative importance of components for the exercise to be effective.

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FITT (Overload)

- Work the body harder

- Body gradually adapts to stress

- Body systems are changing (becoming more efficient)

- Add enough stress to make a difference

F - minimum frequency

I - minimum intenisty

T - minimum time

T - type of exercise

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Rest and Recovery

> Only benefit a workout if you rest

> Muscles recover

> Body replaces fuel used up

> Recovery may mean training at a lower intensity

> Harder work = longer recovery

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* Less likely to get bored of training if methods and venues are changed/altered

*However specifity must be applied also

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1. Foundation

2. Development

3. Sharpening

4. Peaking

- allow you to perform at your very best

- perform less work but at a high intensity

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Maintenance and Reversibility

> To maintain your level of fitness you must continue to train

> If you stop training your adaptions will be reversed

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