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Primary production.

All primary production involves some sort of extraction. Areas of work in the primary sector of our economy are.

1. Mining and quarrying

2. Fishing

3. Farming

4. Forestry 

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  • Firms taking part in secondary production are involved in either manufacturing or in construction.
  • These firms manufacture a finished article such as a car, or make parts that are used in assembling the finished product (for example suppliers of parts that go in the cars engine)
  • A firm in the secondary sector may also be involved in construction: building houses,roads or 'one-off' projects such as a bridge.
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Items that have been grown, extracted, made or built still have to get to the final consumer. Although the producer may cell the items directly to consumers- e.g a farmer selling farm produce in a farm shop, or a manufacturer selling directly over the internet- we still find that most products need to be transported, stored, advertised, financed in some way and insured. There is a wide range of commercial services and activities making up tertiary production. Non tangible goods such as a haircut,insurance or a piano lessons are part of the service sector.

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