Primary and Secondary Market Research


Primary (Field) Research

Primary Research is where a business will gather data from its own sources for its own specific reasons.
Methods Include:

  • Observations
  • Questionnaires
  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Consumer Trials
  • Relevant and up to date
  • Specific to the business
  • Only available to the business
  • Can be costly and time-consuming
  • Poor design could produce biased results
  • May find it dificult to represent the market segments accurately
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Secondary (Desk) Research

Secondary Market Research is where a business uses data and information that has already been gathered.
Methods Include:

  • Internal Data
  • Books/Newspapers/Magazines
  • Competitors Data
  • Government publications and statistics
  • Purchased research material
  • Quicker to collect
  • May be gathered on a much larger scale
  • Can be very cheap or even free to access
  • Might be outdated, therefore inaccurate
  • Data might not be relevant
  • Data may be biased, might not be known how the data was collected
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