Pride and Prejudice

Everything on all the Characters of P+P from their charcters and personalities to their families

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Elizabeth Benett

A.K.A Lizzy: 2nd eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Benett

Most sensible and intelligent of all the Benett sisters

Will only marry for love and happiness

Is prejudiced against Darcy at first, but grows to see the error of her presumptions and grows to love him.

Portrayed as a young woman with 'a lively, playful disposition, which delighted in any thing ridiculous'

Father's favourite and mothers least dearest as she is not as silly as Lydia

Important Chapters:

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Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy

A.K.A Darcy: oldest child, master of Pemberly estate

Haughty, Proud and Arrogant (at face value) kind, protective of sister Georgiana and passionate

Wealthy Gentleman (social class was very distinguishable) on 10,000 a year

Torn between feelings of passion for Lizzy and her inferiority of connctions

Sincerely generous towards Wickham (although he does not deserve it)

Potrayed as 'a seemingly cold and aloof man with a large sense of personal pride that frequently expresses itself as arrogance.

Important Chapters:

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Jane Bennet

The eldest Bennet daughter at 22 at the start of the novel

Considered the most beautiful girl in Meryton, gentle and loves to see the good in everyone

Personality usually contrasted with Lizzy's

In love with Charles Bingley, but is shy in showing it

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