Pre-U Italian literature: Io Non Ho Paura= Characters

characters of Io Non Ho Paura

Michele Amitrano

  • Maria's older brother
  • Nine years old
  • Caring
  • Salvatore's best friend
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Maria Amitrano

  • Five years old
  • Michele's sister
  • Always breaks glasses
  • Loves brother
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Il Teschio

  • Oldest of the gang, Twelve
  • Chef of the gang
  • Always gives orders and rules
  • Big, strong and brave
  • Lies about stories to seem more knowledgeable and scare others eg. Melichetti's pigs
  • Grudge against Barbara
  • "Finder's Keeper's"
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Barbara Mura

  • Eleven years old
  • Fat "Ciccionia"
  • Bullied by group, always does forfeits
  • Doesn't want to be alone
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Remo Marzano

  • Scared of il Teschio
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Salvatore Scardaccione

  • Nine years old
  • Classmates and best friend with Michele
  • Taller
  • 'Loner' He can handle being on his own
  • Brighter than Il Teschio
  • Doesn't want to be chief
  • Father is a lawyer, Emilio. Big shot in Rome. A ton of money stashed away in Switzerland
  • Not very fond of people doing forfeits
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  • Looks like a mummy
  • Skin hangs off, hairless, white tuft on chest
  • Orthopedic collar
  • Pig farmer
  • Daughter with polio
  • Scary, kids believed he gave the Dachsund to the pigs
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Teresa Amitrano

  • Mother of Michele
  • Stricter
  • Gets quieter and quieter the longer papa' is away
  • Young and attractive but isn't a flirt
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Papa' Amitrano

  • Father of Michele
  • Lorry Driver, away for months at a time but it's for the love of his family.
  • Nice teeth
  • Cheap cigarettes
  • Small and skinny
  • Has a beard
  • Pretends to be unreasonably strict
  • Quieter and scarier than Mum when angry
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what about Filippo?

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