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Pressure Groups- Comprehension

1. The aim of a pressure group is to raise awareness of a subject, and seek to influence government policy or law making.

2. Alternitively, the groups could be described as 'interest groups', 'lobby groups' or 'protest groups'.

3. Two problems that some people believe there is with the term 'pressure goup' are:

      - Some people believe they use actual pressure to reach their aims.

      - Also, people believe they are looking for power themselves, when they only    plan to influence those who do have power.

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Pressure Groups- Comprehension 2

4. Three examples of pressure groups are:

    - The CBI (Confederation of British Industry)

    - CLARA (Central Area Leamington Residents Association)

    -Animal Liberation Front

5. The purpose for which the pressure group 'The Countryside Alliance' existed was to protest about the Labour governments rural policies.

6. The Countryside Alliances success was quite large, as they managed to get the government to react by announcing their plans for a Ministry of Rural Affais and by publishing a 'white paper' investigating all aspects of rural life.

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Pressure Groups- Comprehension 3

7. Pressure Groups like MENCAP and MIND aren't neccesary, and aren't known as an important aspect of the UK's democracy, this is because they both campaign for those with mental disabilities. But these groups are important to those with mental disablilities as it gives them hope and help in their life.

8. There are ways that pressure groups can bring changes to the law. Four are:

    -They can give money or time to help with an election campaign.

    - They can inform law makers on their members preferences.

    - Members may threaten as a group, to vote as a block.

    - They may also attempt to influence members of the executive, who have some law making input, and who can partially decide the strength and effectiveness of law enforcement.

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Pressure Groups- Comprehension 4

9. An issue around of which a local community might form a pressure group is that where buildings, houses, retirement homes are being built on the surrounding countryside, slowly covering land that could be used for farming and other aspects that would allow a more environmental and sustainable environment.

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