Pressure groups (extra information)

More research and infomation i found about pressure groups... History coflict and co-operation. 

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Pressure groups (extra information)

What is a pressure group? 
They are organisations of people who believe in the same cause and they attempt to influence policy or buisness decisions on a issue. They have strong held views, wish to influence aspects of the society, usually stronger and even more effective as a group and not individuals. 

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What rights do pressure groups have?

Pressure groups have the right to... 

  • They have the right to criticise the government
  • They have the right to hold meetings
  • They have the right to protest
  • They have the right to make their views known by using the media
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What responsibilities do pressure groups have?

Pressure groups have the responsbilty to... 

  • They have the responsibility to base their criticism on fact
  • Meetings should be peaceful and legal
  • They should inform the local authorities and the police when they are making a protest
  • They have a responsibility not to intimidate anybody. 
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What methods do pressure groups use?

Methods that are used... 

Internet - email and web sites


Lobbying - ( individuals or groups attempting to influence policy or buisness decisions on a particular issue.) 

Petitions - (A petition is a formal written document which is submitted to an authority in an attempt to get that authority to accede (agree)  to a request.)

Demonstrations - (The action or process of showing the existence or truth of something by giving proof or evidence.)

Mass media campaigns (T.V., radio and newspapers)

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What are some pressure groups... general example?

Shelter - aim to help homeless people

*Amnesty international - defends human rights

Greenpeace - campaigns on environmental issues

CBI (Confederation of British Industry) - promotes business interests

TUC (Trade Unions) - promotes workers interests

ASH (Action on Smoking Health) - anti-smoking group

FORREST - pro smoking group

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