Pressure groups - classification by status

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Insider typology

Problems with classifying pressure groups by aims (sectional/cause groups) have led writers such as Wyn Grant to suggest that it is more helpful to classify groups according to their status in relation to the government

Insider groups

(These groups have better access to government).

Core insiders - those that have strong two-way relationship with policy makers over a broad range of issues (BMA,NFU).

Specialist insiders - those who are granted insider status within a more narrow area of expertise (WWF).

Peripheral insiders - those who have insider status but are only rarely ever needed by government due to the nature of their interest or cause (Dogs Trust).

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Outsider typology

Outsider groups are similarly divided into:

Potential insiders - those who are outside due to the nature of their cause or their inexperience (Charter 88 before 1997).

Outsiders by necessity - those who are unlikely to achieve high status and must work outside (Fathers4Justice).

Ideological outsiders - these groups include groups such as Amnesty International who prefer to remain outside the system.

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