Pressure Groups

Outsider Groups

No links to parliament - take drastic action - Fathers 4 Justice poured flour over the PM. Unlikely to exert influence or become close to parliament with this form of direct action. 

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Cause Groups

Follow a particular idea/ belief (GreenPeace; UK Life League)

influence is less. Less likely to be consulted as they have less government links.

well publicised groups (RSPCA) can have a bigger impact ***ANIMAL WELFARE ACT***

Ban on smoking campaigned for by ASH.

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Sectional Group

Represent a section of society: (BMA, NUT, Law Society)

more  likely to be insider groups with access to parliament links. 

not always true as shown by current BMA strikes (Jr Doctor Contract)

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Snow drop campaign - firearms amendment act 1997 - after Dunblane masacre 

Stonewall - Civil Partnership Act 2004

The Zito Trust - 2007 Mental Health Act

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