Presidents of the USA

Presidents in chronological order explaining their policies and pro's and con's.

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President Hoover

1929-1933 Republican

Beleived in laissez-faire, rugged individualism and self help.

Known for the leading the country to the Great Depression

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President Roosevelt FDR

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President Truman

1945-1953 Democrat

The Fair Deal - economic development and social welfare

integrated the armed forces and supported the NAACP

The Housing Act of 1949 - new housing projects

The Social Security Act of 1950 - helped the elderly and raised the minimum wage

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President Eisnehower

1953-1961 Republican

brought Earl Warren into supreme court

supported the advancement of black people in the civil rights movement

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President Kenedy

1961-1963 Democrat

New Frontier

wanted America's to feel responsible for others

social reform

help poorer Americans

fair society

equal rights for black people

help people to better themselves

"peace corps" LEDC work

helped by Brains Trust

helped James Meredith

raised minimum wage

supported black Americans

created new jobs

poor communities were helped to set up new business'

quick economical growth

loans to improve housing

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President Johnson

1963-1969 Democrat

Great Society

"war on poverty"

higher standard of living and stronger community

Medical Care - The Medical Act of 1965

cut taxes

improved transport links

funding of universities

laws for goods

appointed first black Americans to the cabinet

Civil Rights Act 1964

Voting Rights Act 1965

growth of racial tension and riots

remembered for involvement in Vietnam war

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President Nixon

1969-1974 republican

promised to get America out of Vietnam war

first man on the moon

Remembered for Watergate Scandal

1972 - 5 men arrested for planting spying devices in Watergate building during re-election period (CREEP)

Nixon payed them off and denied any knowledge of it

recorded phone calls were revealed

forced to resign in 1974

public lost confidence in politics

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President Ford

1974-1977 republican

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President Carter

1977-1981 Democrat

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President Reagon

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President Bush Senior

1989-1993 republican

promised not to raise taxes

had to raise taxes as the government was heavily in debt and got worse due to gulf war

faced riots in LA due to racial attack on Rodney King (police officer)

Unwilling to extend Civil rights act

introduce a conservative judge to supreme court

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President Clinton

1993-2001 Democrat

economy boomed in 90's

unemployment dropped to a 40 year low

stock market grew by three times

inequality was worsened

unemployment was highest within ethnic minorities

lewinsky scandal

extensive intervention in foreign affairs

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