Presidents and their Foreign Policies

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The Closet Imperialist - William McKinley 1897-190

  • Need to avoid "wars of conquest" and territorial agrgression
  • However, 1898 War with Spain and American Empire in Pacific & Latin America
  • Encouraged involvement with China in order to expand trade - "Open Door", ignored by European powers untill the 1899 rebellion where the USA sent in troops and Europe agreed.
  • Not motivated by "greedy imperialism" but by a "civilising mission to aid the development of the less advanced"
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The Proud Imperialist - Teddy Roosevelt 1901-1908

  • "speak softly and carry a big stick"
  • 1904 - Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
  • "USA had the right to exercise international police power in Latin America in the case of wrongdoing"
  • 1903 Panama, 1905 Dominican Republic, 1902 Venezuela
  • Showing to the world that the USA was a power to be reckoned with
  • American policy would fully control it's "backyard"
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The inbetween Imperialist - William Taft 1909-1912

  • Supported interventionist policies but avoided direct colonialism
  • "Dollar Diplomacy" - financial power to secure economic dominati on in Latin America and China "dollars for bullets"
  • 1909 - Financial debts of Honduras to establish control
  • 1911 - supported a revolution in Micaragua and lent the Government $15 million in exchange for control of their bank, railroad and customs service. When a revolt broke out against the Government Taft ordered in USA military support untill 1933.
  • 1911 - backed railraod projects in China
  • Dollar Diplomacy unpopular
  • Anti-imperialist: "underhand colonialism"
  • Imperialists "be more open about imperialist amibitions"
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The Deluded Imperialist - Woodrow Wilson 1913-1920

  • Peacefull and ethical approach to foreign affairs
  • "never again seek one additional foot of territory by conquest"
  • Turned away from Dollar Diplomacy
  • Supported Open Door
  • Dedicated to spreading the "democratic ideal" - confident he understood the well-being of others countries better than their leaders
  • 1914 - marines sent to Mexico to restore order after a revolution
  • 1915 - marines sent into Haiti and Dominican Republic after upheavals. (stayed in Haiti untill 1934 & DR untill 1924)
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