presentation software- digital or acetate?

the advantages and disadvantages of digital or acetate presentations

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digital advantages

  • can have presentations that support multimedia which supports learning
  • slides can be edited and copied into other presentations easily
  • quality of slides doesn't decrease over time
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digital disadvantages

  • over use of animation and sound can make the presentation seem unprofessional
  • large inital cost of equipment
  • failure of equipment prevents presentation form beinf delivered
  • requires specialist software which can be costly
  • presenter may need training on how to use the software
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acetate advantages

  • can draw on acetate during a presentation to help illistrate a point
  • OHP equipment is cheap and rarely goes wrong
  • presenter can read from acetate in case projector does go wrong
  • little training is needed, in order to create and use acetate and OHP
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acetate disadvantages

  • can't use mulitmedia
  • can't link to other media or content
  • if a slide becomes out of date and needs editing you need to start again on a new acetate sheet
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