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simple and brief revision notes on section three of language paper 

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-grab your attention

-briefly inform 

-humour, exaggeration, shocking facts 

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subheadings and straplines


-split story

-easier to read 


- short statements under headline

-expand on what headline says 

-hook the reader 


- tells you who wrote the article 


Short paragraph introducing main article 

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graphics and captions

-give lots of information 


-emphasise feelings 


-synopsis of text 

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text columns

-help with clarity of text

-keep reader interested 

-information easier to find 

-e.g cinema film----rating-----showing times

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text boxes

-make important parts of text stand out 

-at an angle to grab attention 


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bullet points and numbered lists

-break texts down 

-give lots of information 

-step-by-step points so easier to read 

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-different colours portray different effects

-e.g bright colours- fun topic 

e.g dark colours- serious mood 

-relate to text and subject of the text as well as graphics 

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font styles and font formatting

font styles:

-gives reader idea of what kind of text it is 

-eg, cartoon, serious, children,spooky, romantic

-relate to subject of text- information 

font formatting:

-create different effects

-emphasise particular words to stand out from rest of text 

-e.g underlining, italics 

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exam techniques

1) show you know that the writer has....

2) state how it is effective 

3) show how you understand it and ts effects

4) use quotes to back up points and explain 

5) pick out interesting subtle points and develop 

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