Present re and ir verbs

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Re verbs

You first take the infinitive and for an example we shall use attendre.
You take the infinitive and remove the last two letters so it would be attend.
You then add these endings:

Je- s
Tu- s
Il- you add nothing.
Elle- nothing.
On- nothing
Nous- ons
Vous- ez
Ils/Elle’s- ent

So that’s it!
Here are some examples of the finished verb: je attends, il attend, nous attendons, ils attendent.

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Ir verbs

First you take the infinitive, I will use finir and remove the last two letters so it would be fini.
Next you add these endings:

Je- is
Tu- is
Elle- it
Il- it
On- it
Nous- issons
Vous- issez
Ils/elles- issent

And that’s it for present tense ir verbs! For example, with finir it would be:
Je finis, il finit, nous finissons.

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