Presbytrian Threat

Threat faced by Eliz

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  • Anti Catholic
  • Calvinist
  • More Preaching
  • Promote Godly Behaviour


  • Reform Church from within
  • Compromise over Adiaphora
  • "Tarry for the Magistrate"
  • Grindal


  • Unwilling to conform
  • Immediate reform in Calvinist belief
  • Structural reform. No Bishops


  • No Compromise
  • Immediate religious independence
  • No Church structure

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Presbytrian Threat

Initially little open oppossition until the Vesterian contrversy.

1570 -Carthwright. Prof of Divinity at Cambridge. Calls for Puritanism

1571- Book and Bill. New Prayer Book H of C. Eliz Vetos

1572- Field won't wear his surplice. Imprisoned.

1575- Grindal becomes archbishop of Canterbury.

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Elizabeth orders Grindal to stop Puritains Prophesysing (Puriatins meeting to preach and discuss theology) NOT ADIAPHORA

Eliz against it. Disunity and Seperatism.

1576- Eliz order Grindal tos top it He says No. "you are a mortal creature to" put under house arrest till his death in 1583. Just turns Puritains against Eliz. Creating a power vacum at teh top.

1582 - First National Synod.

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1583- Becomes Arch of Cant. Supports Church Settlement against Puritains.

Enforce Conformity.

Subscription Campaign.

Enforce Royal Supremacy, 39 Artciles. 400 + Clergy say no Leicster and Cecil say no. "savouring too much off the Spanish Inquisistion"

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Is Presbytrian threat a failure?

  • No effective leadership
  • Death of lead supporters-Leicster and Field
  • Bancroft linked Presbytrianism with Seperatism.
  • Hackett- Claimed to be the new Messiah. Lost Credibility.

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