Preparing Soluble Salts

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Making Copper Sulfate

Copper Sulfate is a soluble salt

Made by reacting sulfuric acid and copper oxide together

  • Copper oxide reacts with sulfuric acid but doesn't dissolve in water.
  • Added a little at a time to warm sulfuric acid, the copper oxide forms a blue solution of copper sulfate
  • When all the sulfuric acid had reacted, the copper oxide remains as a solide and makes a cloudy mixture, it is now in excess (this assures all the acid has been used up).
  • The solution is then filtered, leaving a clear blue liquid.
  • Excess copper oxide is washed, dried and reused
  • Copper sulfate will start to crystallise as the water in the solution evaporates 
  • Evaporating slowly causes bigger crystals
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To prepare soluble salts using a soluble base, an indicator must be used. 

  • Acid is added to the base
  • Inidicator changes color as it neutralises
  • Burrette is used to add small amounts of acid at a time
  • This is repeated till we have concordant results
  • The method is then repeated without indicator and with the mean volume of acid recorded to produce a pure solution of the salt
  • It is then left to evaporate and crystalise 
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