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Money, Money money

Wage - A regular payment to someone in return for work.

Salary - A regular wage, usually for a years work, paid in monthly instalments.

Bonus -  A one off sum of money given as a reward.

Comission - Extra money given on top of basic salary.

O.T.E - On Target Earnings.

Piecework  - You are paid for what you produce.i.e the harder you work the more you earn.

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Fees - The payment demanded in return for a one off piece of work for a company.

Pro rata - Pay for part time employees worked out as a proportion of a full time salary.

BAC - Bank Automatic Credit.

Cash - Money transferred in the form of notes & coins.

Cheque - A pre-printed form which when completed authorises the transfer of money.

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Payslip - A record given to you alongside your wages detailing your gross pay, deductions and net pay.

Gross pay - The pay you earn before deductions.

Net pay - The pay you take home after deuctions.

P.A.Y.E - Pay as You Earn.

P 60 - A form which employees recieve at the end of each tax year (5th April) with a summary of total money earnt and tax deducted.

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P 60 - A form which employees recieve at the end of each tax year (5th April) with a summary of total money earnt and tax deducted.

P45 - You get a P45 from your employer when you stop working for them.

Superannuation - same as a pension. Deductions may be made ifan employee is contributing to a pension scheme

Company benefits - perks of the job e.g company car, private medical insurance

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staff devolpment

Shadowing - Observing a more experienced worker

Appraisal - Assessing worker performance and training needs

Side stepping - Moving to a job at the same level

Mentoring - Providing advice and guidance

Refrence - A statement made by a previous employer

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before interview&after

  • Prepare smart clothes
  • check details e.g time/place/contact name
  • Plan transport to get there
  • Prepare questions to ask
  • Research about the company
  • Arrive early
  • Try to show off
  • Look smart
  • Keep eye contact


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Disciplinary Provedures: HR has to act upon breaking of Contract/complaints from other employees.

Grievance: If an employee has a complaint it should be taken to the HR Department and they will investigate it.

Termination of employment: employees hand in resignation to HR if leaving HR also deals with redundancy

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What is the name for the 'Personnel Department'?

  • HR Human Resources

What is the term for continuing to study as you age?

  • Life long learning

What is the name of the legal document you sign when starting a new job?

  • Contract of employment
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  • John is working with a company for 9 months to cover maternity leave. what type of contract is he on?
    Fix term contract

Susan is meeting with the HR manager to discuss her woek withing the job. what is this called?

  • The Appraisel

How can side stepping be an advantage in your career

  • To experience before you start

Why is it advisable to join a Trade Union?

  • To protect other people in the trade union
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