preparation for working life

revision cards for Level 1/2 exam PFWL

Personal Health

Main topics

Healthy lifestyle

Nutritional values

dangers of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs

Emotional well being

Self concept

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Personal Finance


P45 end of job

P60 end of tax year

Compulsory deductions; PAYE (tax pay as you earn) NI (National Insurance)

Debit cards: from your own account

Credit cards: borrowed from the card company/bank up to a set limit


Fixed term ( for a set period of time (eg three months)

Part time ( less hours than full time)

Essential spending: Mortgage/rent/utilities/travel to work/food/ personal /

non essential spending: leisiure , mnake up , holidays etc

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Personal Safety

Basic first aid


Hazards ( something that could cause harm)

Risks (the likelyhood or result of a hazard causing harm)

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Wages (gross pay (before deductions) net pay (after deductions)

Deductions ( Complusory and voluntary)

Tax code: amount you can ear per year before paying tax; add a 0 to the tax code figure; for example ( tax code 650 , you can earn £6500 a yearbefore paying tx)

Job Contracts can be (permanent (indefinitely) fixed term (for a set period of time eg 3months) can be full time or part time (less hours than fulltime)

Process of getting a job ( see advert, apply, complete application form. interview, acceptance letter, start date)

Interview preparation


Letter of application

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