Prelude No.15 Opus 28 - Structure

A break down of the ternary structure; sections presented in more detail.

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Section A

BARS 1-27

Db major

Persistent quaver Abs run throughout the as a pedal note.

There is a clear melodic line.

Melody is played on the left hand.

The opening melody is a repeated four bar phrase.

Maintaining persistent pedal notes requires hand balance, careful calculation and thought.

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Section B

BARS 28-75

C# minor

The Abs change enharmonically to G#s with the key signature change and continue to run persistently as the pedal note. (moves to right hand)

Melody line spends of the time in the top part of the bass clef hand part.


The bass melody is homophonic.

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BARS 82-89 (the end)

8 bars long

Begins with forte falling motif without Ab raindrops for first two bars.

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