Prelude No.15 in D♭

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Prelude No.15 in D♭

Romantic period 1825-1900

Chopin 1810-1849 born in Poland, setlled in Paris

Composed 1839 (finished)

From Op. 28 24 preludes, 12 ma jor, 12 minor

Raindrop prelude pedal notes A♭ (dominant pedal)

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Solo piano

Middle + lower range of piano mostly used

Not virtuoso in character, legato singing tone

Sustain pedal resonance, legato melodies

A♭ pedal note 'raindrop', dominant pedal

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Structure (ternary form)

Section A

  • Bars 1-27
  • Major key (D♭)
  • Long melody, heard several times
  • Septuplet 

Section B

  • Bars 28-75
  • Enharmonic tonic minor (C♯)                                       
  • New melody (in basses)

Section A'

  • Bars 78-end
  • Major key (D♭)
  • Shorter version of section A
  • Dectuplet 
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Metre and rhythm

C (same as) 4/4

Rubato 'borrowed time' fexible pulse, expressive

Unusual rhythmic effects septuplet + dectuplet

Repeating quavers throughout 

Reapeated dotted rhythm in Section A

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Section A:

  • Lyrical melody in right hand
  • Ornaments 
  • Dotted rhythms and chromaticism 

Section B:

  • In bass longer notes, narrower range
  • 4 + 8 bar phrases
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Tempo + harmony

Legato played slowly


Occasional chromaticism 

Imperfect cadence sections A + B

Perfect cadence section A' (end)

Dominant pedal through most of the piece

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Section A + A' 

  • melody in RH
  • broken chords in LH

Section B

  • melody in LH
  • inverted pedal doubled in octaves


  • short monophonic section
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Key terms

Acciaccatura bar 4

Turn bar 11

Sotto voce quietly, like musical whisper

Smorzando dying away

Slentando/rilenuto slow down

* release sustaining pedal

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Crescendos + diminuendos used regularly

Wide range pp to ff

No sudden contrasts all gradual

Section A quieter than section B

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Section A

Prelude in D♭ major bars 1-4(

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Section B

Opening of section B


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