Prejudice & Discrimination key words

AQA Religious Studies B notes 

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Actions as a result of prejudice 

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Thinking badly of someone because of the group he/she belongs to. Pre-judging someone before you know them. 

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Having an over-simplified mental image of people and applying it to everyone in a group

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Positive Discrimination 

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Treating people more favourably because they have been discriminated against in the past 

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Treating everyone equally or the same

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The opposite of equality

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Blaming certain groups of people for problems in society 

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Having a physical or mental handicap

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The way people choose to live as a result of their values, attitudes and beliefs 

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Accepting that people have different opinions, beliefs and practises from your own. Living alongside each other peacefully in the community

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Bringing about what is fair. This could be through laws or actions making up for what has been done wring in the past.

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Social harmony 

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Living in peace with others 

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The opposite of justice 

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The opposite of tolerance

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Social class

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A person's position is society. often determined by family background, job, education and wealth

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The colour of a person's skin or nationality/ race determines how they are treated by others

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Religious discrimination 

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Being treated differently because of your religious beliefs and practises 

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Open, not excluding any particular groups

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Belonging to a particular group that rejects any other possibilities i.e. my group is right, your group is wrong

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Fear of foreigners 

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Sexism/gender discrimination 

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Being treated differently because of your sex i.e. a man is given a job instead of a woman

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Minority rights

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Small groups within society are called 'minority groups' and need to have their rights protected as bigger groups dominate and tend to discriminate e.g disabled people 

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Ethnic minorities 

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A small group in society because of their ethnic/racial background e.g Asian, traveller, black

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Human rights

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The idea that humans are entitled to certain things/attitudes so they can live the best life possible for a human e.g the right to life, safety, food, water, free speech, equality. These are all listed in the United Declaration of Human Rights

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Discriminating against someone because of their age e.g. too old, too young

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Someone who is injured or hurt because of someone else's words or actions 

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Discriminating against someone because they are homosexual or lesbian 

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