Prediction and Preparation for Tropical Storms

Different ways of Predicting and Preparing for Tropical Storms.

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Prediction Methods:

- Recconaissance Aircraft (Sent into the storm, gain limited measurements as they can only measure when the storm is close to the shore. Provides an accurate location of the eye.)

- Radiosondes (Small radiotrasmitters fixed to balloons, as the baloon rises it measures the air temperature, humidity and pressure. Can only be released over land.)

- Dropsondes (The same as radiosondes except they are fitted to parachutes and dropped into the storm from Recconaissance Aircraft.)

- Weather Radar (Measures wind fields, rain intensity and storm movement as it nears the coast. Only short term warnings from less than 200m away from the shore.

- Un-manned Ariel Vehicals (Can fly into the storm and send data to computors. Takes measurements close to the water surface.)

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Prediction Methods Continued:

- Weather Satelites (Basic cloud imagery, temperatures of land and sea, wind motions and rainfall.)

- Ships and Buoys (Gets information about wind speed and direction, air pressure, air and water temperatures and wave conditions within the storm.

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Preparation Methods:

- Disaster Plan (Safe meeting points, escape routes, contacts, pet plans, insurance, emergency kit/supplies)

- Disaster Supply Kit (Water, Food, Blankets, Pillows, First aid, Torch etc.)

- Building Design (Deep Foundations, Stilts, Storm proof doors and roofs, window shutters.)

- Evacuation (Signed exits, warning system)

- Cyclone Shelters (Storm proof buildings with supplies)

- Mangrave Trees (Natural Barrior against the wind and rain.)

- Cyclone Walls (Protection from the storm surge, and a safe evacuation route.)

- Levees and Concrete Sea walls (Designed to hold back flood waters and storm surges.)

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