Prague Spring

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What were the reforms?

  • The legalisation of political opposition groups – political reform, multi-party, democratic socialism.
  •  More power given to the Czech parliament.
  • More power given to regional local governments.
  • The relaxation of press censorship (newspapers publishing revelations about corruption in high places).
  • Freedom of speech (giving citizens the right to criticize the government).
  • Official government toleration of political criticism.
  • Freedom of assembly and religion.
  • Reduction in the powers of the secret police.
  • ‘Market socialism’ i.e. the introduction of capitalist elements into Czech economy.
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How did CZ respond to the invasion?

Dubcek ordered Czech people not 2 respond with violence, but there was non-violent civil disobedience – students stood in the way of tanks holding anti-invasion banners & a student set fire to himself in protest (Jan Palach). Dubcek disappeared and re-appeared in Prague on 27th August announced that the reforms had been stopped.

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