Practical Investigations- Activity B

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Evaluation of Activity B

Strengths of an observation- Low demand characteristics, high ecological validity

Weaknesses of an observation- low level of control (reliabilty), ethics

Ethical issue- Couldn't ask for consent when doing an observation on smoking because demand characteristics could affect the results.

Reliabilty- The observation can be repeated and the same results can be obtained.

Was the observation reliable?- More than one observer watching the same behavior then we can compare the results.

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Evaluation of Activity B

Validity- Are you measuring what you think you are measuring

Was the observation valid?- It could be improved by designing a table of categories that all observers agreeon, and then conduct a pilot to make sure nothing is missing. When doing a pilot can add an extra table such as anonomous results. (Such as sharing a cigarette).

Improvements- Observe for longer to obtain more data, observe in different areas across thew UK as smokers may be more evident in some areas.

How would the improvements affect the results?- More qualitative data can eliminate the effect of anomalies, make the results more generalisable and representative.

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Evaluation of Activity B

Other improvements- Controlling the time of day to insure this doesn't affect the results.

Sampling method used?- Oppertunity sample

Strengths and weaknesses of the sample- Quick, easy and convenient, not representative

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