Power and conflict poetry

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Ozymandias, Percy Bysshe Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley was a 'Romantic' poet. He wrote 'Ozymandias' in 1817.

About the poem:

  • The narrator meets a traveller who tells him about a statue standing in the middle of a desert. 
  • The statue is a staue of the king. It represents how power overtime doesn't last as nature caused it to fall down and crumble into ruins, just like his power and how it didn't last.
  • The allergory is that nature is more powerful than man and time will always last forever.


  • 'Shatter'd visage' -This is ironic suggesting even a powerful human can't control the damaging effects of time.
  • 'Kings of kings'- Shows how he was arrogant and powerful, he even challenged other rulers.
  • 'Of that colossal wreck'- The ruined statue shows how human achievements are insiginificant compared to passing of time.
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London, William Blake

'London' was published in 1794. William Blake was an English poet.

 About the poem:

  • The narrator is describing a walk around the city of London.
  • He says that everywhere he goes, the people he meets are affected by misery and despair.
  • The misery seems at though no one can escape it- not even the young or innocent.
  • People in power seem to be behind the problems, and do nothing to help the people in need.


  • 'Wonder'- This sounds purposeless this could reflect how he feels powerless to change what's happening.
  • 'I hear'- The speaker hears various distressing noises-makes it seem vivid
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