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- ideas are generated or reinforced by riling/powerful classes

-Institutions are led by power and want to keep the power so they keep the not rich in the same place. Sustaining power.

- Texts position us to accept these norms and accept them. Gives the population a certain mindset.

-Everything has a message on a surfac level but also a sub concious pragmatic level as well.

-Always things working on us

- Few of us wish to resist.

Don't want to fight because then you would be an outsider, which is going against the common need t be socially accepted.

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Grice's maxims

Maxim of quality

speakers should tell the truth. They flout the maxim by saying something knowimg not true.

Maxim of quantity

The speaker should be as informative as the situation demands. Flout by saying too much or too little.

Maim of relevance

Speaker should relate to the purpose of the conversation in progress.

Maxim of manner

No ambiguity.

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Goffman's politeness theory

Losing face- Being embarrased or loss of authority

saving face-Positve social value we put out there.

2 main concepts- we need to feel liked and we don't want to feel pushed around.

Facework- trying to make sure the other person is not feeling pushed around.

positive facework- To be like or admired E.G 'i like your shoes'

Negative facework- Not getting pushed around E.G let's all open our books

positive face threatening- To be made feel small or not good enough

Negative face threatening- made to feel pushed around.

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