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Lemon La Vida Loca


Spoof of celebrity relality TV show, follows Keith Lemon around shows his 'personal life' - parodying Celebrities life as light hearted humour doesn't take its self to seriously

Goes to Marbella to shot a calendar, exactly the same pose as Mark Wright in pink shorts, half out of pool - Towie go to Marbella, its a scripted reality TV show


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Lemon La Vida Loca


Have movie nights dress up as different characters such as, super man and super women, light heartily saying celebrities are characterised as being perfect like a superhero so they are literally dressing up as them

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Lemon La Vida Loca


  • Keith goes into the bathroom, when Rosie is in the bath and goes toilet. When Rosie asks him to get out he replies 'I'm keeping it real Rosie. It's like in real life we all take a ****. Even the Queen takes a ****." - Shows he is aware that its not real life but they are trying to represent real life by doing natural & normal things.
  • Says to camera man ‘I’ll just try and wind her up cause in real reality shows they always have abit of an drama, don’t they, they have an argument’ showing societies constant need for entertainment. Reality isn't interesting enough so always need drama to be entertained.


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Lemon La Vida Loca

Simulacrum & Hyper-reality

Shows a representation of real life as its all about a fictional characters life. The show attempts to represent a celebrities life, it features events in the characters life such Keith's girlfriend Rosie moving in with him. 

This complies with Baudrillard's theory he believed 'There is no longer a distinction between reality and its representation' there is only the simulacrum'

It creates a virtual world for the fictional character Keith Lemon, it features cameo appearances from real life celebrities, such as Stacey Solomon, Chris Fountain & Jenny Powell. This shows how it's mixing reality with the representation of reality in order to try and create a new reality - hyper-reality.

The celebrities treat him like a friend - this blurs the lines of reality and its representation

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Lemon La Vida Loca


  • When he completed a work out session at gym – he said ‘Trisha said I was a natural athlete and I should go further, but I said I’m happy doing show business tbh’ thinks he is the best at everything
  • Narcissistic attitude - kept jumping in pool and saying Rosie look, wants attention on him all the time
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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Black Ops


It's set in the cold war, you're a soldier and you have to complete the challenges set to go onto the next level, which will provide more benefits than the previous level. The game is in first person, so it immerses the gamer even more as you feel like you are actually in that reality and actually shooting people.

This is shown more by the avatar the game gives you, you're in control of it as its meant to be you

'The avatar merges spectatorship with participation' - Bob Rehack - The avatar makes you more involved & emerge more with the 'reality'

You are made to feel like a hero if you defeat the enemy & get everyone to safety; player get emerged in this exciting & dangerous reality.

This relates to Baudrillards hyper-reality theory he claimed 'The distinction between reality and its representation, have collapsed. We now live in a 'reality' defined by images and representations

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Black Ops


He believes 'The mass media were once thought of as holding up a mirror, and thereby, reflecting a wider society. Now reality is only definable in terms of surface reflection of the mirror.'

This can be applied to COD as the game is trying to represent the cold war & gamers get to experience the representation of what war is going to be like.

However, the game provides an exaggarated 'reality' it gives the gamer and unrealistic view of war, as it presents it as being a high action & exciting place, when there is more to war. Therefore, the representation of war that the game is presenting doesn't hold up a mirror to reality, as the representation isn't completely truthful to reality.

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Black Ops


The game looks back on the past because its based around events in the cold war, it looks back to the war and looks through 'rose tented glasses'. As they make America seem superior in this war, when although they did win, they weren't successful in every mission.

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Black Ops


The game sets the player missions to complete, one of the missions is called 'operation 40' where you have to undertake a daring assassination atttempt during the Bay of Pigs invasion

Operation 40 was a real event,it happened during the cold war; it was an unsuccessful military invasion of Cuba. However, in this game the player is successful in invading Cuba. The game tries to incorporate real life events within the fictional world; this gives the gamer a sense that they are involved in history & could of possibly changed events. -  playing around with representation

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Black Ops

Active Audience

The gamer has to make choices in the game, that will affect their experience of the game, this make everyone's experience of COD unique.

The gamer is engaged & involved with the game from the beginning, as tasks actively encourage the player to shot the enemy & kill them.

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