Post World War One

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What the big three wanted?

Britian- Wanted punishment for Germany but not to harsh as they might want revenge later

France-Wanted harsh penalties for Germany to make sure the attack again

USA- wanted an fair treaty with not to harsh penalties

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Treaty of Versailes

Remeber Gargle

Guilt for war:  Had to accept blame for starting the war

Armed forces:  Limited to 100,000 men, no airforce, no

submarines or armoured vehicles, no conscription

Reparations:Had to pay for damage done in war.  Figure

decided upon in 1921 (6bn marks)

German Territories:  Lost overseas colonies to Britain

and France, lost Saar & Alsace Lorraine, West Prussia

and Upper Silesia went to Poland (to create the “Polish

Corridor” to the sea), Danzig became a free city

controlled by the L of N

League of Nations:  Set up as international police force;

Germany not allowed to join

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Britian- Concerned the treaty was to harsh and Germany would want revenge

France Wanted the treaty to be harsher but public welcomed it

Usa- concerned about the harshness of the Treaty

Germany- Hated it

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Leuge of Nations aim

Encourage co-operation

Stop aggresion


Improve social conditions

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42 members - by 1930’s 59 Defeated countries could not join e.g. Germany Russia excluded because communist USA did not join - isolation from world affairs A club for the victorious?

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Power of the Leuge

If a country ignored the ruling of the League it could Put pressure on Refuse to trade - sanctions Send in troops - member countries join together

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Strengths of the leuge

Many countries supported it in early days - they wanted peace Had some early successes: Settled some land disputes in 1920’s helped refugees, dealt with spread of disease, fought for better conditions for people

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Weaknesses of the leauge

USA didn’t join No real power - relied on goodwill and persuasion No permanent army Disarmament not realistic Structure a disaster - everyone had to agree before any action taken

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