Possible techniques for urban rebranding

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Fieldwork - Qualitative

  • Place check forms (www.placecheck.info)
  • In depth interviews of users locals, visitors, tourists) to see what they like.dislike 'Oral histories'
  • Old photographs - from museums etc
  • Questionnaires and visitor surveys
  • Interviews
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Fieldwork - Quantitative

  • Land Use Survey including Drosscape (% of dereliction and decay)
  • Environmental quality surveys: shopping and landscape quality, litter count, graffiti mapping/count, index of decay
  • Housing condition survey and level of occupancy 
  • Bipolar surveys
  • Capacity surveys
  • Shopping and facility survey
  • attraction survey - visitors and locals
  • cost benefit analysis
  • sphere of influence - catchment of visitors into the area
  • footfall analysis of shops/PLVI
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Research - Qualitative

  • Internet blogs/forums for local attitudes or information on projects
  • Newspaper articles on places/reputations/views
  • Local case studies and initiatives on organisational websites (englandsrds, urcs, nwda)
  • Road maps to see how the land use/services/facilities have changes 
  • Analysis of change using old photos and new photos/images (flickr.com)
  • DCDA - images of dorset coast
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Research - Quantitative

  • UK census data/Acorn Profiles - analyse demographic change and migration patterns (statistics.gov.uk, upmystreet.com)
  • GIS/Mapping Sites (ordnancesurvey.co.uk, google maps, multimap.com)
  • Crime statistics
  • Blue flag statistics (only coastal) (adoptabeach.org.uk)
  • DCDA - GIS of Dorset coast
  • rateable values (www.voa.gov.u) - value of property/land 
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