Positives and Negatives of Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Positives and Negatives of Performance Enhancing D

Positives and Negatives of performance enhancing drugs:


  • Althlets should have the right to choose what they do. If they are caught with it the punishments are on them and noone else.
  • Different athlets have facilities and support. An athlet might think that another athlete that they are competing against is having the drug as well, so they take it. They also might be stresses, with everyone wanted them to do well they want something they know WILL help them.
  • Sports genuinly isn't fair most of the time anyway.

The thing that makes most people want to take a drug that helps them with their certain sport is the fact that it works and they are tricked into thinking that the other competitors will take them aswell.

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Positives and Negatives of Performance Enhancing D

Negatives now


  • It makes the sport even more unfair if some people take the drug and others don't.
  • The athletes that take the drug might not be fully informed about the drug and just told that it will help them with the sport they are taking.

Some people take drugs because they help them e.g. steroids.

Some people take Steroids because they are/want to be a bodybuilder so taking steroids builds muscles. Steroids can cause a person to have seriously high blood pressure which isn't good at all for someone.

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Performance enhancing drugs can be just as bad as a regular drug, and if you are a athlete that many people know and you are found taking performace enhancing drugs you could probably never do the sport you were found cheating on.

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