Population Key Terms

Population key terms and definitions.

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Demographic Indicators

Birth Rate - Number of live births per 1000 population per annum.

Death Rate - Number of deaths per 1000 population per annum.

Fertility Rate - Average number of children per woman.

Infant Mortality Rate - Number of children under the age of 1 who died per 1000 live births.

Life Expectancy - Average age somebody can expect to live in a certain country.

Natural Population Increase - Difference between birth and death rate.

Total Population Increase - (Difference between birth and death rate) +- migration.

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Net Migration Gain/Loss - Immigration - emmigration.

Net Population Change - (Birth Rate + immigration) - (death rate + emmigration).

Economic Migrant - Move to seek better work oppourtunities.

Forced Migrant - People who have no choice but to move because they face persecution or death in their own country.

Environmental Migrant - People forced to move because of natural disasters or climate change.

Refugee - A person unable or unwilling to return to their homeland: for fear of persecution based on reasons of face, religion, or ethnicity; focibly displaced by other factors e.g. a natural disaster.

Asylum Seeker - A refugee who formally applies to reside in a country when they arrive.

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Push Factor - Those features of a place that make people want to move away.

Pull Factor - Those features of a place which attract people to the area.

Distance Decay - The further you migrate, the fewer people choose to migrate.

Brain Drain - Loss of some of the most skilled workers.

Remittances - The money sent back by workers to support their families.

Circular Migration - Migrants move to an urban area to find work but then return home.

Counter-Urbanisation - The trend of people moving from towns and cities to the rural countryside.

Rural-Urban Continuum - The change from urban high rise to open countryside happens gradually.

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