population: kerala, india alternative policy for reducing population

notes on what has been done in kerala india to reduce their population, alternative policy  (education policy)

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  • kerala has population of 32 million
  • population density is 819 people per km2 which is 3 times the indian average
  • kerala doesn't have the resources to support this growing popluation
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  • improved education for girls
  • provide adult literacy classes
  • education to families about the benifits of smaller families
  • free contraception
  • extra retirement benifits for those with smaller families
  • maternity leave avalible for first 2 babies only
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  • population growth has slowed down
  • education policy means more girls are going to university
  • most villages have libaries
  • healthcar programmes and vaccines are avalible to all
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  • no major problems
  • takes a long time for the policy to take effect
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