population: china one child policy- reducing population

notes on chinas one child policy

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  • during 1970's chinese government realised country was heading for a famine unless their population growth decreased rapidly- unsustainable population
  • chinas population would hit 1 billion in 1980
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1979 one child policy

  • musn't marry until late 20's
  • only one successful pregnancy
  • must be sterilised after first child
  • couples with one child will have: a 10% salary increase, free healthcare and education and subsidised childcare
  • couples with more than 1 child will have: a 10% salary drop, fines, have to pay for healthcare, education and childcare

recent changes

  • young couples are now allowed 2 children
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  • population growth has slowed down
  • famines haven't happened
  • technology and exploitation of resources has increased standard of living
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  • granny police ensured people wern't breaking law
  • families in rural areas have suffered as they need large families to help on farms in order to survive
  • gender inbalence- boys are preferred so grls are killed or abandoned at birth- boys outnumber girls by 60 million
  • some people think the policy takes away peoples human rights
  • late abortions carried out
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Clare Bartholomew


Great! A really condensed version on the One Child Policy perfect for my revision notes! If you are doing Geog GCSE look at my resources as I have some detailed notes for lots of the topics :)

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