Ageing Population

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Outline the problems associated with an ageing pop

  • As the population gets older there will be an increase in degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimers.
  • Many older people have specific housing needs such as housing without stairs, and wider doors for wheelchair access.
  • Most elderly people need increasing levels of care over time. they may have to move into sheltered accommodation or a nursing home. 
  • As more and more people libe longer lives, 15-20 years after retiring, they will claim state pensions for longer.
  • As the UK's economy continues to age, there will be a smaller and smaller working population and a larger dependant one.
  • The annual cost of dementia care  is expected to double within the next 20 years to £47 billion.
  • A smaller working population means that less income tax and national insurance will be paid to the government.
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Outline the strategies put in place to cope with a

  • In the Uk, the government set up a strategy called, 'Building a society for all ages', where the authorities offered free health checks for all people over 40, to encourage them to maintain a healthy life style, raised the retirement age to 67, provided winter fuels payments for pensioners and built more homes that are 'elderly friendly' in design.
  • In france, incentives were provided to encourage more births: 3 years maternity leave, full-time schooling to start from the age of 3, day care for children subsided and the more children a woman has the earlier she can retire on a full pension.
  • In Sweden, incentives included: paid maternity and paternity leave, all day childcare and all-day schools for all and extra money provided if there is less than 30 months between children.
  • All these strategies aim to reduce some of the problems linked to an ageing population and in the case of France and Sweden aim to increase the birth rate and so reduce the numbers of the future dependants. 
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