Pompeii: Tombs

o   Tomb of Eumachia

o   Tomb of Gaius Munatius Faustus

o   Tomb of Naevolia Tyche (Munatius Faustus)

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Tomb of Eumachia Plan


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Tomb of Eumachia Facts

  • Pompeii's largest tomb
  • Located at the Nucerian Gate
  • Inscription reads: "Eumachia, daughter of Lucius, [built this] for herself and for her household."

  • Curved seating area
  • There was a frieze of Amazonian women
    • shows her as a strong woman - proud of her achievements as a female
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Tomb of Gaius Munatius Faustus Plan


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Tomb of Gaius Munatius Faustus Facts

  • Shaped like a house
  • Evidence of fruit trees
    • represent rebirth and life after death

(Does anyone have more information on this tomb?)

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Tomb of Naevolia Tyche (Munatius Faustus) Plan


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Tomb of Naevolia Tyche (Munatius Faustus) Facts

Naevoleia Tyche, freedwoman of Lucius Naevoleius, for herself and for Gaius Munatius Faustus, member of the Brotherhood of Augustus and suburban official, to whom on account of his distinguished services the city council, with the approval of the people, granted a seat of double width (bisellium). 

This monument Naevoleuia Tyche built in her lifetime also for the freedmen and freedwomen of herself and of Gaius Munatius Faustus.

  • Had a very tall marble tower
    • stands out
    • was actually hollow 
  • Engravings on east side show bisellium (awarded to GMF - a big achievement they wanted to show off.)
  • North side has marble carving of Naevolia Tyche, watching over and a man - possibly GMF - handing out coins from a bag.
  • Upper west side has a relief of a ship
    • could be GMF's business or a metaphor (life's a journey)
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