Pompeii: Houses

o   House of Menander

o   House of Octavius Quartio

o   House of Umbricius Scaurus

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House of Menander Plan

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House of Menander Facts

  • Biggest house in Pompeii
  • Intricate structure - thin corridors for slaves
  • Named after fresco in peristyle of comic playwright Menander
    • shows culture, humour, education
    • Menander was known for his "maxims" about practical ways to live
  • Had private baths, however they were out of use
    • areas had been walled off so hot air could not circulate
    • items were being stored there - so unlikely they intended to continue building the baths
  • 4th Style decoration
    • can be seen on ceiling of Room 18 
  • Impluvium was being repaired - brackets found in tablinium
  • A small altar in Room 25 (appeared to be of regular use)
  • Animal stable stored commercial quantities of amphorae
    • may have been the family business
  • May not have been of single occupancy
    • Room 41 was a second atrium
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House of Octavius Quartio/Loreuis Tiburtinus Plan


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House of Octavius Quartio/Loreuis Tiburtinus Facts

  • Characteristics of a typical Pompeii home 
  • Had a biclinium (two seater dining area) 
    • more intimate
  • Fresco of Pyrimus and Thisbe
    • represents devotion - like the owner's devotion to Isis
  • On the other side of the fountain a fresco of Narcissus 
    • reminder that beauty fades
  • Garden was used by the Cult of Isis
    • large trench down the middle represents the River Nile
    • Sphynx and other Egyptian decoration
    • garden had high walls and could only be seen once you entered the house - it was very secretive
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House of Umbricius Scaurus Plan


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House of Umbricius Scaurus Facts

  • Made garum  (fish sauce) 
    • very expensive - 12 pints cost 1000 sesterces 
    • "No fluid except perfume begins to fetch as great a price" - Pliny the Elder
  • Around the impluvium there were 4 advertisements:
    • "Scaurus' finest mackeral sauce from Scaurus' workshop"
    • "Finest fish sauce"
    • "Scaurus' finest mackerel sauce"
    • "Best fish puree from Scaurus' workshop"
  • Scaurus Fish Sauce was famous - it was found in Southern France and other parts of the Roman Empire
  • Adverts also found in Entrance 14 - this may have been the public entrance
  • Entrance 15 - possible family entrance
  • Entrance 13 - smaller, slave entrance
  • Reported to have his own bath house
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Roze Warren


Good but the House of Menander isn't the biggest house in Pompeii....the House of the Faun is :) but thanks for the rest of the info :)

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