Politics, Unit 1, FS3, "Built to Last" Policies

Some cards on Cameron's "It looks at challenges facing Britain and the planned Conservative response to them. These cards will look at some brief details for each of the 6 topics, and how they relate to traditional conservatism and/or Thatcherism.

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"The Challenge of Economic Competitiveness"


  • to prioritise economic stabilty and fiscal responsibility ahead of cutting taxes.
  • to share the proceeds of growth between investment and tax reduction.
  • fairer taxes.
  • deregulation for employers and wealth creators.
  • to help to create jobs.
  • to strengthen competitiveness.

Similar to the "third way" promoted by Blair.

Conservatives traditionally put tax reduction first- this is a massive change.

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"The Challenge of Social Justice and Quality of Li


  • long-term funding to social enterprises and the voluntary in tackling multiple depravation.
  • national school leaver's programme.
  • increased levels of drug re-habilitation through social enterprises and private sector.
  • support for special schools.
  • to "put parents in the driving seat."
  • support for employment opportunities as a stepping-stone from Incapacity Benefit to the workplace.

Traditional Thatcherite view.

Left-wing view.

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"To Meet the Great Environmental Threats of the Ag


  • to tackle climate change by encouraging green growth.
  • binding annual targets for carbon reduction.
  • eco-concious use of resources- energy and water conservation and recycling.
  • construction of attractive, affordable and eco-friendly housing.
  • decentralization of the provision of energy.
  • tough targets for carbon reduction in new cars.

Traditionally, the Conservatives aren't hugely bothered over the environment as there was no economic or business incentive.

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"To Provide First-Class Healthcare, Education and


  • to trust professionals more.
  • end the top-down culture of centralization and targets.
  • promoting a choice and voice for patients.
  • independent, social and voluntary providers.
  • encouragement in streaming and setting in state schools.
  • rigour in teaching and exams.
  • to give school greater control over their own affairs.

A commitment to state institutions BUT changing the way in which they operate.

Recent NHS proposals- GPs in control of their budget.

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To Take a Lead in Ending Global Poverty"

"A moral obligation and not an after-thought".


  • to tackle killer diseases such as HIV.
  • 0.7% of the national income in aid by 2013.
  • reform the Common Agricultural Policy.
  • international trade agreements and debt relief.
  • support for an international Arms Treaty.

A brand new focus for the Conservative Party.

Cameron's focus on the environment and global poverty is symbolic of the change away from being "the nasty party".

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"To Protect the Country we Love"


  • to enhance the status of Parliament.
  • provide  a constructive unionist response to the West Lothian question.
  • introducing a UK border police.
  • abolish the ID cards system.
  • reform the police to reduce top-down centralisation.
  • single-minded focus on fighting crime.
  • strong and efficient armed forces.

Rolling back the frontiers of the state- traditional conservatism.

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