Political Parties in the UK

The main political parties in the UK, their key players, and the key points of their manifesto. (as of 2013).

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Conservative Party


David Cameron

Key points of Labour manifesto:

  • encourages parents and charities to set up new academy schools.
  • pledges to give people the power to veto council tax rises through local referendums.
  • promises communities the right to buy their local pub or post office.
  • following the theme of encouraging local responsibility, it promises directly-elected police comissioners to hold forces to account.
  • plan to reverse the government's proposed National Insurance rise - and promises to raise the inheritance tax threshold to £1m, freeze council tax for 2 years and to increase NHS spending in real terms every year.

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Labour Party


Ed Milivan

Key points of Labour manifesto:

  • promises not to raise income tax rates (a pledge that was also in the 2005 document - but later broken) and a global levy on banks.
  • plans to see under-performing schools, hospitals, and olice forces taken over by teams from more succesful organisations. 
  • A 'toddler tax credit' would provide £4 a week for families earning less than £50,000 with children under 3 years of age.
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Liberal Democrats Party


Nick Clegg

Key points of Lib Dem Manifesto:

  • 4 main themes are: -fair taxes, -more chances for children, -a greener economy,             -cleaning up polictics.
  • fairness is the main theme running throughout.
  • pledge to scrap income tax on earnings up to £10,000, it also guarantees to protect the state pension and increase pay for service personnel. 
  • limiting political donations to £10,000, giving people the power to sack errant MPs and introducing the single transferrable vote system.
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