Poetry Summaries

Poetry Summaries from Section 2

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  • A monologue spoken by Miss Havisham a women who was left at the alter
  • She continues to wear her wedding dress since then
  • She plots to have revenge on all men
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Anne Hathaway

  • Uses sonnet form
  • Adopts the persona of shakepseares window
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Before You Were Mine

  • The poet is talking to her mother, having seen a photo of her mother as a teenager
  • She describes the photo of her mother standing laughing with two of her friends
  • The thought of having a child one day doesn't occur to her mother when young, when she was wrapped up in a world of dances and teenage dreams
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  • The speaker in the poem states that the most unusual thing they ever stole was a snowman.

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Mother Any Distance

  • The speaker has moved into a house of his own
  • His mum helps him measure out curtains and carpets
  • He points out that if the distance is longer than that of one person it will take two people
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  • About trust and relationships
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  • Monologue by Robin the loyal sidekick of Batman
  • He talks about how he has been seperated from Batman and is now learing how to live on his own and be independent
  • He reveals some of batmans secrets and we see the 'superhero' in a new light
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  • First stanza reveals that narrator has been out of work for a while and is in danger of losing his job
  • He himself then hitches a lift to where his hired car is parked but gives no reason for this journey
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