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Praise Song for My Mother

Theme- Parental love.

Form- Each stanza describes what her mother was to her.

Language- Natural, metaphorical, food- nourishment- mother to child.

While poem is mostly monosylabic, mechanic- mothers job in their nature.

Lack of punctuation- only in last line - effective because it shows fluidity, nature, water, doesn't stop. Mothers job doesn't stop. Even after death mothers job continues, never stops. Good memories blurred to make one happy scene. 

Uses nature to create metaphors about the mother- idea of mother nature.

Metaphors bring to life mothers qualities.

All drawn from the natural world- metaphors to do with elements.

Each metaphor highlights a different quality.

Two Capitalisations;

You were- stresses importance of mother.

Go- imperative, demand- shows deep love her mother had for her.

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Sense of gratitude- thanks to the mother.

Sense of joy from the memories. Praise for the mother.

Strong female voice.

Intimate and personal.

Praise Song for My Mother

Appreciation, celebratory. Intimate, close bond, possesive, personal.

"You were

water to me

deep and bold and fathoming"

Starts every line with it. Past tense, suggests mother is no longer alive. Voice of poet and daughter. Can't live without it, important, essence of life. Essential to life. Monosylabic, powerful, has the qualities of water. Mother has given her life like water does and continues to give her life.

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"You were

moon's eye to me

pull and grained and mantling"

Repetition. Light in darkness, controls tides, natural force in her life. Keeps her sane, her gravity.

"You were

sunrise to me

rise and warm and streaming"

Certanty, reliable, beautiful. Warmth, consistant element in her life. Colour into her life.

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Replenishing and compare

"You were

the fishes red gill to me

the flame tree's spread to me

the crab's leg/the fried plantain smell

replenishing replenishing"

Breath of life, can't live without. life source. Home, familiar, beautiful, natural. Emphasises maternal nourishment. Home stuff, safe, known. Mothers job. Provides more, always giving, repetition suggests ongoing process. Bright, bold natural images.

"Go to your wide futures, you said"

Starts differently. Her blessing to go and and live her life. Wants her to be happy. Live the best life she can. 


Nettles- about a father protecting his son.

Born Yesterday-written in dedication to a newborn child.

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