Poetry- Relationships

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Theme- Rift between two brothers.

Form- Freeverse, two quintains followed by a quatrain.

Structure- Stanzas 1&2 describe from the childs point of view. Stanza 3 from adults perspective.

Language- Childlike, childlike images, vivid description.

Adult writing about 9 year old self.

The speaker is looking back at his brother as he leaves him behind but he is also looking back at the past. He sees his brother "spring towards the gate" with his bus fare, and this image remains in his memory. It implies the speakers guilt at this small betreyal, particularily because the brother's hand is held out, a symbol of friendship. The final line is a mataphor and it takes us into the future. A rift has been thrown between the brothers and the speaker is unable to "close the distance" between them.

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Contrasts with content. Suggests closeness with plural. Love, happiness.

"Saddled with you for the afternoon, me and Paul

ambled across the threadbare field to the bus stop,

talking over Sheffield Wednesday's chances in the Cup

while you skipped beside us in your ridiculous tank-top,

spouting six-year-old views on Rotherham United."

Negative, emphasises frustration. A burden, not really wanted. Younger one left out, having to look after 'you'. Childlike commentary, think they are very sophisticated. Childlike, silly, excited, happy. Embarassment, suggests a touching innocence. Alliteration emphasises how ridiculous he thinks his brother is. Think's he is so much better than his little brother. Suggests his views are silly and don't make sence, further emphasises his innocence. Worthless, pointless, un-educated because of age. Sibilance emphasises this.

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Childhood evil

"Suddenly you froze, said you hadn't any bus fare.

I sighed, said you should go and ask Mum

and while you windmilled home I looked at Paul.

His smile, like mine, said I was nine and he was ten

and we must stroll the town, doing what grow-ups do."

Worried he wont be able to go with and join in. Metaphor, childlike, suggests clumsyness, innocence, joyful, playful. Non-verbal communication, dubious children, making a plan. Think they are so old and mature compared to this brother. Grown-ups world, slowly, with condidence. Think they are grown-ups, longing to be older, be able to do what they want.

"As a bus crested the hill we chased Olympic Gold.

Looking back I saw you spring towards the gate,

your hand holding out what must have been a coin.

I ran on, unable to close the distance I'd set in motion."

Think they are going very fast, child dreams, trying to get away from brother. Innocence, excitement, happy that he can join in. Symbol of friendship, he got the money so he could join in with his brother. No matter how hard he tries to close the gap between them so they aren't anything to do with each other, they are still brothers so they will always have each other. Started a rift now, never been fixed, made a distance between them that can never be closed.

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Sister Maude- about betreyal between two sisters.

Praise Song for My Mother-  daughter's tribute to her mother.

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