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1) Conflict and violence within the relationship. The telephone and texts from her lover has really upset the character.

'you choose your spot, then you blast me/ through the heart." By making their relationship seem like a gunfight, she shows the element of competition and combat in the romance, which can get overlooked in some traditional views of love.

2) Uses Western images, use of imagery from a different context to bring significance to seemingly everyday circumstances.

'And this love, high noon, calamity, hard liquor/ in the old Last Chance saloon.'

3) Desparate to recieve love, attention and care from her lover.

'I reel. Down on my knees, I fumble for the phone, read the silver bullets of your kiss.

'I reel' makes it sound as if shes been shot by her partners lack of love towards her, shes hurt. The fact that she is 'down on her knees' shows the deperation felt, it could aslo reflect a plead for forgiveness? Maybe the narrator has done something bad in the past and that is why her partner is neglecting her.

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Sister Maude

1) The narrator is extremely angry about her sisters betrayal, she portrays cold and bitter anger, she feels this way due to her sisters doings.

'Who told my mother of my shame.' The narrator doesn't seem very ashamed of the relationship, therefore we get the impression thats how her parents view it.

'Oh who but Maude, my sister Maude, who lurked to spy and peer.' The repetition emphasises the narrators shock to her sisters actions and shows she wants the reader to know where thee blame lies.

2) Uses images of after life to describe her families destinies, heightening her feelings of hatred towards her sister.

" My father may sleep in Paradise/My mother at Heaven-gate: But sister Maude shall get no sleep"

The contrasting images emphasise her feelings, showing she has forgiven her mother and father for accepting her 'shame', but she will never forgive Maude for betraying her.

3) We can also get a sense of sadness from the narrator as there is evidence of her mourning the loss of her lover:

" The compeliest corpse in all the world/And worthy of a queens embrace."

The juxtaposition of beauty and death highlights her sense of loss, The alliteration of hard 'c' sounds emphasises the strong rhythm- which makes the poem sound more energetic and angry.

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